International Moves

You wish to move away from your home country while carrying all your personal belongings with you, in a peace of mind? Whether you are traveling to a neighboring country or on the other side of the world, or are coming from abroad to settle in Switzerland, we are here to assist you.
Because we know that relocation is a pivotal moment in life, we offer you all of our expertise and know-how to make your move the smoothest possible.

Be prepared

  • Technical inspection:
    As we do for local moves, the technical inspection is the starting point in order for us to assess your needs and determine the right estimate. Our consultants will come and visit you, with no obligation: during this stage, we determine the volumes to be transported, and the most appropriate transportation solutions to convey your effects. We also offer storage solutions for everything you might not want to take with you..

  • Services:
    From the beginning until the end of the relocation process, we organize all phases of your move and provide complete door-to-door service. Our services include packing, loading, transport of personal belongings, inbound / outbound customs clearance, unloading, unpacking of your personal effects at your new home. All you have to do is focus on your new life start.

  • Packing:
    All of your belongings and furniture will be treated with the utmost care. Trained in a variety of packaging techniques, our professional staff will carefully pack your belongings and furniture according to the nature of the item and the chosen transport methods (land, air or sea). Our first-quality packaging material enables safe transportation of the bulkier objects to the most fragile ones (mirrors, tables, TV screens ..).

  • Quality of international network:
    A rigorous selection of our relocation partners in accordance with stringent criteria of quality and reliability allows us to offer services on a worldwide scale, in compliance with our standard of excellence. Upon arrival, our agents’ know-how and professionalism will make the difference: undoubtedly, your goods will arrive in the same condition as when you originally entrusted them to us.

  • Value declaration and Insurance:
    To cover unlikely damages, the declaration of value and the inventory are part of the formalities also put in place to give you all the guarantees. Our consultant will assist you in this process to determine precisely the value of your goods. He will inform you about the insurance premiums you can subscribe for, the indemnity arrangements related to a possible claim, and the guarantees. For international removals, this procedure is compulsory and we will offer you a comprehensive transport insurance to cover your goods throughout the operation, from packaging to delivery to your new home.

Leaving and settling

  • Efficient transportation
    Our services are not only limited to the packing and shipping of your belongings. Our international coordinator is the logistics expert for all administrative issues like customs clearance, export and import formalities. He is in permanent contact with international freight forwarders, shippers and agents in order to optimize the transfer of your belongings. During the entire process we will stay in contact with you to advise, assist and guide you. We select the best companies for shipping your crates or containers safely and according to the schedule. ​​

  • Customer experience
    In an ongoing effort to improve our services, we will send you a questionnaire after your move. You will be asked to rate your level of satisfaction and to highlight any points that could be improved.

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