Local Moves

Whether you want to relocate to Geneva or move to another location in Switzerland, we have the right solution for you. Each and everyone of our clients is unique, this is the reason why our services are made to measure.

Be prepared

  • Technical inspection:
    As a start, a technical visit made by our advisors will allow to evaluate your needs and to establish a fair estimate. During this inspection, we determine the volumes to be transported, and the required number of vehicles and men for the smooth running of your move. The next steps will be then explained, according to a precise timetable.

  • Packing:
    The packaging of your furniture will be done by our team. Depending on your preferences, we can also pack all your belongings or just your dishes and your fragile items. Our adapted packaging materials, the experience of our employees and the special care given to this important step have made our reputation.

  • Access:
    If accesses to your home are challenging or if your building is not equipped with an elevator, we can use our furniture lift. With a capacity of 400 kilos and a height of 30 meters, we can safely reach the 10th floor.

  • Value declaration and insurance:
    To cover unlikely damages, the declaration of value and the inventory are part of the formalities also put in place to give you all the guarantees. Our consultant will assist you in this process to determine precisely the value of your goods. He will inform you about the insurance premiums you can subscribe for, the indemnity arrangements related to a possible claim, and the guarantees.

Leaving and settling

  • On the day of your move, you will meet our team leader. He will be your main point of contact and will answer any question you may have.

  • All of your personal belongings and furniture will then be taken care of by our team, to their new destination.

  • Upon your arrival, we will be in charge of the delivery and reassembly of all your furniture. Once emptied, we will retrieve back all packing mateiral and cardboard boxes.

  • To facilitate even further your installation, we offer complementary services such as:​

    • Household appliances connections

    • Phone and internet connections

    • Lights installation

    • Apartment cleaning

    • Small DIY projects

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