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Davel's services


International Moves

International movesYou're moving out of the country and want to take your belongings with you? You wish to have peace of mind before and during the move? Whether you move to a neighboring country or to the end of the world, or whether you arrive in western Switzerland from abroad, we are here to advise and assist you. Because we know that your relocation is a turning point in your life we offer you all of our expertise and know-how to make your move easier.


Local Moves

demenagement_locauxOur improved solutions and our professional team can adapt to your own specific requirements. Our activity range starts of course from the main move itself and goes beyong if needed to connect all your appliances and computers if your require us to. Our IT systems allows us to manage your move from the initial inventory to your landing new home.


Documents archiving

archive documentsLooking for a simple and effective way to store your files? We have the right solution for you. Our steel containers are real safe for your documents.

Your archives will be stored in our secured filing facility in accordance with the standards imposed  by security auditors and can be accessed immediately.



Davel storageThe right storage solution, for a few weeks or several years.
Our steel containers are like safes for your furniture and personal belongings. An electronic inventory of your belongings is prepared at the time of loading. This allows you to consult at any time via our website the quantity and nature of the stored goods.

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