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International Moves

International movesYou're moving out of the country and want to take your belongings with you? You wish to have peace of mind before and during the move? Whether you move to a neighboring country or to the end of the world, or whether you arrive in western Switzerland from abroad, we are here to advise and assist you. Because we know that your relocation is a turning point in your life we offer you all of our expertise and know-how to make your move easier.

Whether domestic or international, no two moves are alike. Consequently, we tailor what we do to suit each individual move. We offer customized services according to the specific needs of your move and according to the choices you make: assistance with shipping your pets, arranging for cleaning after loading, organizing third-party services such as plumber, electrician, or other professional, assistance with disassembly/reassembly.

We Are in Charge - from A to Z

From the beginning until the end of the relocation process, we organize all phases of your move and provide complete door-to-door service. Our services include packing, loading, transport of personal belongings, inbound/outbound customs clearance, unloading, unpacking of your personal effects at your new home. All you have to do is focus on the new life you're starting.

International Know-How

For nearly 40 years Davel has moved companies and private individuals of the Geneva region. Over the years Davel has developed unique know-how and extensive experience in international transfers from and to Switzerland.

A Quality Network of International Agents

A rigorous selection of our relocation partners in accordance with stringent criteria of quality and reliability allows us to offer services on a worldwide scale in compliance with our standard of excellence. At destination, the know-how and professionalism of our agents will make the difference: you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive in the same condition as when you left them at the point of origin.

Technical Inspection

Prior to your move, our consultants will come to your home or business for a no-obligation technical inspection in order to ascertain your specific needs. This is a key phase in preparing for your move. Together, we address your expectations, constraints and we guide you in the paperwork and other practical considerations. The inspection also serves to prepare a clear and detailed estimate for your review.

Packing for Protection

Because your personal belongings have no doubt considerable sentimental value, we do not consider your possessions like any other merchandise. We take good care of what you own and do everything we can to make sure you can also appreciate your effects at your new home. Trained in a variety of packaging techniques, our professional packers will carefully pack your belongings and furniture according to the nature of the item and the most appropriate mode of transportation available: land, air or sea. To this effect we use appropriate quality materials such as bubble wrap, paper tissue and special cartons. For more fragile items, wooden crates are built in our shop to protect your most precious valuables (such as mirrors, artwork, glass tabletops, TV plasma screens).

Efficient Transportation

But our services are not limited to packing and shipping your belongings. Our international coordinator is the logistics expert for shipping your effects as well as customs clearance, export and import formalities. She is in permanent contact with international freight forwarders, shippers and agents in order to optimize the transfer of your belongings. During the entire transfer process we stay in contact with you to advise and guide you. We select the best companies for shipping your crates or containers in total safety and on time.


When you call upon a professional such as Davel International Mover, you also receive protection for any damage caused to your personal belongings or furniture. Davel International Mover offers you appropriate insurance coverage during the entire relocation process, from packing to delivery at destination.

Customer Service

In an ongoing effort to improve our services we will send you a questionnaire after your move. You will be asked to rate your level of satisfaction and to identify any points that could be improved.


Davel is in the final phase of implementing a new state-of-the-art IT system designed to address the needs of international relocation. A tracking system via our website will be accessible to enable you to follow online your international transfer.

Other services

We can also manage for you all small tasks linked to your move like:

  • Home appliances connections
  • Internet connections
  • Lights installations
  • Appartment cleaning

This service enables you to be directly installed in your new home without running around for locals service providers.